Adam Saul is an award winning creative who specializes in the field of motion graphics with 15 years of industry experience. Early on, he cut his teeth in the fast-paced world of news promos where he received an Emmy for his work at CBS News Marketing and Promos. That early experience taught him how to keep cool in high pressure, deadline driven environments. Over time, he has enjoyed creating content for advertising agencies, networks, and design houses alike.  
With a background and degree in traditional animation from The University of the Arts, Adam brings to the table a passion and curiosity for new technology that lends itself well to this ever-changing industry. Today, he primarily utilizes After Effects and Cinema 4d, and has extensive experience in project lead roles, as well as art direction. No project too small, no number of deliverables too high. 
Passion for the motion graphics community continues after hours – Adam has been hosting monthly NYC Mograph Meetups since 2007. Though there was a break during the pandemic, meetups resumed in the summer of 2022.
Today, Adam resides in Brooklyn with his wife and polydactyl cat. In his free time he enjoys photography, travel, and dim sum. 
Always available to discuss upcoming projects-