Adam Saul is a Brooklyn based award winning motion graphics artist with 10 years of industry experience. He has worked with a variety of companies such as NBC Sports, Aquila, Yahoo! and Colangelo. In the course of his career he has created content for commercial advertisement, promos, tv show packages, sizzle reels and live event project mapping. He also received an Emmy for his work while at CBS News Marketing and Promos.


With a background and degree in traditional animation from The University of the Arts, Adam brings a passion for motion to the table and a curiosity for new technology that lends itself well to this ever changing industry. Today he works with an arsenal of 2d and 3d motion graphics tools and has experience in project lead roles as well as art direction.


Passion for the community continues after hours as Adam has been co-hosting monthly NYC Mograph Meetups since 2007.


In his free time he enjoys documenting the world with his camera, trekking, urban cycling, and is currently learning Spanish for future visits to South America. Vive Moción de Gráficos!


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